FINCA Easy Account

Easy to open, easier to operate!

This is a transactional account tailored to give you hassle-free access to your money whenever you need it.

A profitable and flexible account that allows the holder accumulate savings through interest accrual and easy access to their funds

  • Available for anyone of 18 and above years of age
  • Free passport photos taken at the branch

Keep your money where it’s safe, secure and easily accessible

  • From a minimum of Shs. 10,000 you can open this account and grow your savings.
  • This account offers you unlimited access to your money through all our branches and at any InterSwitch ATM network across the country.
  • Affordable account management fees of Shs. 2,000 per month.
  • No inter-branch transaction charges.

Reap the rewards from your FINCA Easy account

  • The FINCA Easy account facilitates your day to day transactions with much ease.
  • Free unlimited withdrawals and deposits at all our branches and Points of Service across the country.
  • A competitive interest rate of 4% p.a. is paid to you on a minimum balance of 50,000/=
  • Allows use of the FINCA Access card which offers unlimited access to your money at our POS and over 200 InterSwitch networked ATMs countrywide.
  • Requires National identification and or letter from LCI and a minimum of Shs. 10,000 only to open.


FINCA Uganda Ltd (MDI) is a Microfinance Deposit Taking Institution regulated by Bank of Uganda under the MDI Act 2003.
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