Our Loan Process

Application Process

You will work with a FINCA Account Relationship Officer to prepare a simple two page application.

Site Visit

A FINCA Account Relationship Officer will visit your business or home to collect data needed to facilitate the loan application process.


A FINCA Account Relationship Officer will train you on credit and managing cash flows.

Loan Approval

A FINCA Credit Committee will evaluate the loan application documents.

Loan Disbursement

Your loans will be disbursed in cash on to your FINCA account and you will receive an SMS notification on your phone.

Loan Repayment

Your Business becomes successful and you repay your initial loan to FINCA. At this point, you are free to apply for another loan.

How it Works

Whether it is a loan, or a savings account that you need, we make it easy for you because we understand that time is money and that your time is indeed precious. That is why we have made all our processes straight forward so that we save your time and money.

Access Our Loans

  1. Client comes to any FINCA branch or meets our staff in the community.
  2. FINCA staff explains the benefits of our loan products to the interested client or group of clients.
  3. FINCA staff schedules and conducts training for the client on how the product works (only for group clients)
  4. FINCA staff assesses the client’s business.
  5. Loan is approved and disbursed (this whole process takes at least 48 hrs).

Open your Savings Account

  1. The client visits any FINCA branch and makes an inquiry at the customer care or front desk.
  2. The client is advised about the most appropriate savings product.
  3. The client presents a valid ID and Customer Care officer captures a photograph of the client using the webcam Camera.
  4. The client is assisted to fill the account opening form.
  5. The client’s account is opened in the core banking system.
FINCA Uganda Ltd (MDI) is a Microfinance Deposit Taking Institution regulated by Bank of Uganda under the MDI Act 2003.
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