Our credit products are tailored towards meeting individual needs while others can be accessed by and within groups of individuals. Therefore, whether you are a farmer or a business entrepreneur that would like to take your business to another level, you can rest assured that one of our various loan products will get you there.

Business Loan

“Take your business to the next level”

School Fees Loan

“On the road to a brighter future”

Agriculture Loan

Promoting sustainable agricultural incomes

Solar Loan

“Promoting sustainable renewable energy”

Village Bank Group Loan

“You can achieve so much more together”


Our Loan Process

Application Process

You will work with a FINCA Account Relationship Officer to prepare a simple two page application.

Site Visit

A FINCA Account Relationship Officer will visit your business or home to collect data needed to facilitate the loan application process.


A FINCA Account Relationship Officer will train you on credit and managing cash flows.

Loan Approval

A FINCA Credit Committee will evaluate the loan application documents.

Loan Disbursement

Your loans will be disbursed in cash on to your FINCA account and you will receive an SMS notification on your phone.

Loan Repayment

Your Business becomes successful and you repay your initial loan to FINCA. At this point, you are free to apply for another loan.

FINCA Uganda Ltd (MDI) is a Microfinance Deposit Taking Institution regulated by Bank of Uganda under the MDI Act 2003.
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