What loan products do you offer?
Our loan products range from individual to group loans. They include: Business loans, Agricultural loans, Energy loans and School fees loans among others. 
How long does it take me to access a loan from you?
Our loan processing speed relies on how fast you provide the necessary requirements. However, you will receive feedback from us within 2 days after submitting all the necessary requirements.
How much do I have to pay back monthly?
Your regular monthly repayment/Installment depends on the approved loan period and loan amount (The longer the loan period, the less the loan Installment).
How often am I required to pay back?
Monthly or Quarterly. The choice is yours. 
How much loan amount can you give me?
Our loan amounts range from Shs. 500,000 to 150 Million depending on the capacity of the borrower.
What securities do you require for the loans?
Depending on the loan amount, securities can range from chattels to tangible assets like land titles, car logbooks, etc..
Can I get an Energy loan when I am serving another loan?
That is possible. It can be considered as a top up or special loan. Find out about Energy Loans here »


What are the requirements for opening a Savings account?
A valid identity card (Passport, Driving permit, Voter’s card, LC card, Employee ID, etc), account opening balance. For companies, the following are required: A certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and articles of association, resolution from directors and secretaries/ Company form 7.
N:B: Passport photographs are taken at the branch for free.


From how many points can the ATM service be accessed using the FINCA Access card?
Over 200 ATMs countrywide on the Interswitch network
Which member institutions are on the Interswitch network?
There are 13 members namely; FINCA, DFCU, UBA, Guaranty Trust, Finance Trust, Orient, Cairo Intl Bank, Opportunity, Post Bank, Imperial, Centenary and CBA.
What is the closing time for access on this service?
There is 24 hours and 7 days a week (24/7) unlimited access to the service.
Can I deposit cash on the ATM?
The ATM is only a cash- out facility.
What other services can I access on the ATM?
Account balance Inquiry, and Mini statement of an Account.
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