What loan products do you offer?2019-05-30T07:22:59+03:00

Our loan products range from individual to group loans. They include: Business loans, Agricultural loans, Energy loans and School Fees loans, among others.

How long does it take me to access a loan from you?2018-12-06T12:40:57+03:00

Our loan processing speed relies on how fast you provide the necessary requirements. However, you will receive feedback from us within 2 days after submitting all the necessary requirements.

How much do I have to pay back monthly?2019-05-30T07:24:18+03:00

Your regular monthly repayment/installment depends on the approved loan period and loan amount (the longer the loan period, the less the loan installment).

How often am I required to pay back?2018-12-06T12:40:38+03:00

Monthly or Quarterly. The choice is yours.

How much loan amount can you give me?2019-05-30T07:31:06+03:00

Our loan amounts range from Shs. 500,000 to Shs. 150 million depending on capacity to repay.

What securities do you require for the loans?2019-05-30T07:31:42+03:00

Depending on the loan amount, securities can range from property to tangible assets like land titles and car logbooks.

Can I get an energy loan while I am repaying another loan?2019-05-30T07:33:06+03:00

That is possible. It can be considered as a top-up or special loan.


What are the requirements for opening a savings account?2019-05-30T07:38:36+03:00

A valid identity card (passport, driving permit, voter’s card, LC card, employee ID, etc.) and account opening balance. For companies, the following is required: a certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, resolution from directors and secretaries and company form 7.
Note: Passport photographs are taken at the branch for free.


Where can I access the ATM service using my FINCA Access card?2019-05-30T07:37:58+03:00

Over 200 ATMs countrywide on the Interswitch network.

Which member institutions are on the Interswitch network?2019-05-30T07:37:17+03:00

There are 13 members namely: FINCA Uganda, DFCU, UBA, Guaranty Trust, Finance Trust, Orient, Cairo Intl Bank, Opportunity, Post Bank, Imperial, Centenary and CBA.

When can I access the ATM service?2019-05-30T07:36:35+03:00

There is 24/7 unlimited access to the service.

Can I deposit cash at the ATM?2019-05-30T07:35:48+03:00

No. The ATM is a cash-out facility only.

What other services can I access at the ATM?2019-05-30T07:35:11+03:00

Account balance inquiry and mini statement.

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