Today, 7th May 2018, FINCA Uganda has launched a 4 months campaign dubbed “Topowa Game”.

The campaign which will run from 7th May 2018 to 31st August 2018 is intended to encourage customers and the general public to save with FINCA Uganda and be able to win mega prizes, which include: Digital TV screens, Smart mobile phones, Solar systems, Friesian cows, Boda Bodas, Sport bikes, and a lot more.

Topowa which when loosely translated means “don’t give up” is aimed at promoting a savings culture, which is generally low among Ugandans.

While launching the campaign at their Head Office along Acacia Avenue this morning, FINCA Uganda’s Managing Director Mr. James Onyutta said: “According to the Financial Inclusion Insights survey 2016, only 17% of Ugandans had a bank account while 10% only were active users.” “This is a bad culture that we need to improve.” He added.

In order to participate in the campaign, FINCA Uganda customers and all those interested should simply open up an account or reactivate their old account, deposit at least Shs. 25,000 and then win instant airtime or a T-shirt. For those who will deposit at least Shs. 50,000 will get a coupon to win prizes in the monthly draws while those who will maintain at least Shs.100,000 or grow their savings by 20% will automatically be entered into the grand draws.

The campaign will also run via their social media channels such as Facebook and twitter, whereby if you follow and recommend someone to open an account using a code they will provide, you win instantly.