FINCA Uganda Ltd (MDI) is in the process of soliciting service providers for the year 2021-2022. This is therefore to invite suitably qualified bidders to submit sealed prequalification submissions for the provision/ supply of assorted categories of supplies, services and works for the period 2021 and 2022.

REF No. Category 1 REF No. Category 2 continued
001 General assorted office stationer (Non-printed and printed) 013 General supply, repair and maintenance of motor cycles
002 Supply of stamps, seals and engraving services 014 General supply, repair & maintenance of vehicles
003 Supply of office Furniture, carpets, curtains, Window Blinds and Fittings 015 Travel and ticketing services
004 Supply of vehicle and motorcycle Tyres, tubes and batteries 016 Car hire services/ transportation
005 Supply of Protective gear (Safety Boots, overalls, Helmets, overcoats, leather gloves 017 Local Area Network and Cabling
006 Supply of News Papers and Dailies 018 Supply  and service of security equipment
007 Supply of Marketing/ promotional  and merchandising items 019 Guarding and alarm monitoring services
008 Supply & service of IT equipment, Computers, copiers, Printers, toner, phones & other consumables 020 Branding & signage repairs & maintenance
009 Supply of dispensers and drinking water 021 Outdoor advertising services and creative concept development
010 Supply of fuel 022 Provision of car and generator tracking services (Including fuel management)
REF No. Category 2-SERVICES 023 Supply, servicing and repair of currency handling machines
001 Insurance Brokerage services 024 Supply and servicing of firefighting equipment
002 Property, motor vehicle and equipment Valuation Services 025 Supply and servicing of safes, Strong room doors  and fire proof cabinets
003 Debt collection services 026 Supply, servicing and repair of CCTV and access control systems
004 Auctioneering services 027 Human resource consultancy services( Recruitment, vetting and related services)
005 Supply, service and repair of generators and inverters and UPS equipment 028 Conference Accommodation and hotel services
006 Supply, servicing and repair of air conditioners 029 Provision of Garbage Collection Services
007 Provision of Courier services
008 Catering services REF No. Category 3-WORKS
009 Legal Services 001 Engineering services and civil works (Major Revamps & Minor Civil works)
010 Auditing Services 002 Architectural Design services and surveying
011 Cleaning services and Fumigation 003 Electrical, plumbing and metal works-supply and repairs
012 Lift repair, service and maintenance 004 Provision of carpentry joinery and furniture repairs

Terms and Conditions

The prequalification documents (in English) can be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a non- refundable fee of UGX. 80,000 (Uganda Shillings Eighty Thousand Only for each reference category). The method of payment will be by cash at FINCA Uganda, Acacia branch; the document may thereafter be collected from the Head Office Reception (see full address below.)

 If your submission is not evidenced by the payment of the non-refundable fee, your bid will be rejected.

Pre-qualification submissions will be evaluated in accordance with the guidelines stated in the prequalification document. Prequalification is open to all eligible bidders and providers already doing business with us need to re-apply.

Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the Administration Department at the address given below, from 9:00am- 5:00pm, Monday – Friday, except public holidays and not exceeding 6th August 2020

Prequalification document submission must be delivered and registered for at the address below on or before 14th August 2020. In order to follow the Ministry of Health SOPs for mitigating COVID 19 infections, we encourage early submission to avoid congestion on the last submission day.

All bids should be addressed to:

Attention: Chairperson of the Contracts Committee

FINCA Uganda Ltd (MDI)

Plot 11 Acacia Avenue

P.O Box 24450

Tel: 0312227800


 Late Submissions shall be rejected and FINCA Uganda reserves the right to accept or reject any application or all applications.